Rescue - Johnny's Story

Johnny had traveled a hard road before arriving at the Circle D Farm.  His life as an Amish plow horse left him scarred, thin and neglected.  Upon arriving here his ribs were showing and his feet were in deplorable shape.  How he could walk was a miracle.  It was 6 months before we could put a saddle on him for exercise because his backbone was protruding so immensely.  But with lots of love and feed, he turned into a magnificent horse.   He now leads many a trail ride and is a favorite here.  


Johnny Day of Arrival

Retiree - Drummer's Story

Drummer is a retiree from the New Castle County Mounted Police Unit.  His 8 years as a Anheuser Busch driving horse had come to an early retirement.   So he was used as a patrol horse only to find out he had explosive nose bleeds and couldn't to the work.  He never knew anything but love his entire life and arrived here in beautiful condition.  He is a wonderful horse and can only be used in a limited way so as not to irritate his condition.  We also love driving him around the farm.


Retiree - Jag's Story

Jag is a retiree from the New Castle County Mounted Unit. He came to us with advanced arthritis in his ankles. He went to the New Bolton Vet Hospital for evaluation.  It's necessary for him to have corrective shoeing regularly.  But this kind soul loves children and loves their attention.

Jag on Patrol

 Jag at New Bolton

Retiree - Kirkton Lady Laura

Lady Laura has the most fascinating story of all our retired service horses.  She was born in Scotland, transferred to England and then came to the USA via a stop in Canada.  She joined the mounted unit at the tender age of three.  Lady Laura was active in drills, parades, mounted patrol and was a people pleaser.  She is still as sweet today.  Her gentle nature makes her a favorite with the timid and small.  She is a joy to live with at the farm.




This is Blake. He worked with crowd control for the Superbowl when it was in NJ! He is now retired from the NJ State Police and living out his days here fat and happy. He is 25 years old!




This is Truffle. She was abandoned at an empty farm to starve and die in winter. She is now fat and happy with a loving owner.